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Cyber safety

Cyber Safety

The safety of our students is paramount and this responsibility includes management of cybersafety and cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying occurs when technology such as email, mobile phones, chat rooms and social networking sites such as Facebook, are used to bully someone. This includes sending or posting abusive, threatening, humiliating or harassing messages. 

Our school is committed to addressing cyberbullying.

The Department of Education and Training protects students from inappropriate websites through special filtering software, blocking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. When used safely, these sites offer opportunities to learn and communicate, however when used inappropriately they can become hurtful and dangerous places.

If students use websites inappropriately outside of school hours the school can, in certain circumstances, take disciplinary action as detailed in our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students (PDF, 3644 KB), with serious matters referred to police.

A recommended approach is for you to discuss cyberbullying with your child and highlight the importance of appropriate online behaviour.

If your child is of a suitable age to be connected to any social networking site, reviewing their ‘friends list’ may help you manage their safety and reduce the risk of them associating with inappropriate contacts.

To assist you, provided below are websites containing advice and resources:




The department also has cybersafety information available on its website at Cybersafety

Please remember, as a parent or caregiver you play an important role in helping your children have safe and positive experiences online.

If you cannot download the document linked from this page, please contact us  and we will provide a copy via the school office.​