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Junior School

Transition from Primary School to High School

At Forest Lake State High School we aim to make the transition from primary school to high school as smooth as possible.  The Junior Secondary classrooms are set up in Pods – 4 classrooms, an open learning area and a staffroom. This self-contained environment breaks down many of the perceived issues associated with enrolment in a large secondary school.  Year 7 and 8 students will have a home room in the Pod where they have all their classes, except those requiring specialist areas, and can store their books and resources. 
Throughout the year, many transition activities take place with the local primary schools. These give students the opportunity to experience school life at Forest Lake State High School and to meet some of the teachers.  Working together with the local primary schools assists students to transition easily into high school. Transition Day occurs at the end of term 4. Students who have enrolled for the following year get to experience a day of high school and can meet other students and teachers they will see in year 7.

Academic Program of Excellence

Students with a strong academic ability are identified in Year 6 and 7 and after successful application are placed in the Academic Program of Excellence for Year 7, 8 and 9.
These students access a differentiated curriculum focusing on higher order thinking skills. This curriculum provides them with opportunities to extend their learning and provides new challenges.  The pace of classes in the program at FLSHS is designed to keep students motivated and additional extra-curricular activities are offered.  Subject to meeting the conditions of accessing the program, students have the opportunity to remain in the Program for year 9, and then may continue into extension classes in year 10.

Extra-curricular Challenges

In Junior Secondary, there are many challenges that students can access. Each year a variety of students participate in the Opti-Minds challenge.  This is a group challenge that gives the students opportunities to participate in open-ended, creative problem solving events, finding solutions to exciting challenges that require experimentation and rewards sustainable practice and divergent thinking.
There are also chances throughout the year for students to participate in a variety of competitions including poetry writing, public speaking, mathematics and geography.
If you require any further details, please contact:
Inga Muller, Head of Department (Junior Secondary Schooling)
on 3714 2333 or