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It is our commitment to students successfully making and sharing meanings in their current and future lives, that drives the English program of study.  Students are challenged to improve their skills in reading, writing and speaking through a wide range of study paths.

Junior English (7-9)

English has now introduced the new national curriculum (ACARA) as of 2012. This curriculum is quite a step up for all students and represents a challenge for both teachers and students.  The curriculum has been redeveloped from 2013 to ensure a seamless transition from year to year. 

English Essentials (7-10)

English Essentials is Forest Lake’s English program for junior secondary students and year 10 students who have challenges with their literacy. While still meeting National Curriculum requirements, English Essentials covers extra language basics such as grammar, spelling and language conventions at a more suitable level and with added support and scaffolding. This subject follows the same program as the mainstream English program, with assessment modified to reflect the abilities and skills of students. The aim of this program is to cater for students with literacy challenges and try to raise them to a standard closer to national NAPLAN benchmarks.

Senior English 

The choice of subjects in years 11 and 12 are:
  • English (Authority  - leads to university entry)
  • English as a Second Language (Authority - leads to university entry)
  • English Communication (non-authority – does not lead to university entry)
With 8 years of Senior School experience, the current proportion of 60% choosing Authority English or English as a Second Language and 40% choosing English Communication has resulted in high levels of success in terms of achieving the Literacy component of the Queensland Certificate of Education.

Authority English (Senior)

POPULAR CULTURE is the first unit studied in the Senior Authority English Course. Students will examine ways that identities, both group and individual, are represented in popular culture texts. By focussing on the construction of gender within a range of popular culture texts, students will be introduced to the skills of thinking critically within a structured framework. Additionally, students will move on to see how humour is derived from the subversion of culturally well-established representations. They will explore irony, parody and satire, among other forms of humour, through written and multi-media forms for the purposes of construction and deconstruction.  Lastly, they investigate Science Fiction through their novel and a film.          
Students then study a unit based around the theme of THE POWER AND THE PASSION. The focus of this semester is readings of a range of texts showing the experience of the powerless and the marginalised within society. By contrasting the experience in America in the Deep South in the 1920’s with experience of Brisbane and Australian residents in past eras, students can come to an appreciation of how race and power are reflected within texts.  The texts we explore are based in Brisbane and elsewhere in varying times and circumstances. 
In the final year of the course, students build upon the ideas and skills developed in Year 11. The first unit, WINDOW TO THE PRESENT, continues the work of students exploring texts imaginatively and critically, to examine the ways readers are invited to take up positions in relation to a range of classical and modern texts. Students will consider the power of the themes within a range of work, including a Shakespearean play and classical and modern Australian poetry.  They will consider how the Bard offers readers a window into human nature, albeit through the prism of the cultural assumptions, attitudes and values of his times. They will also investigate the place of poets in society as students examine a poet and her/his work in more detail.  Lastly, students will consider how modern media reinterprets groups within society in print and other media. 
The final unit, REALITY BITES, is the culmination of all the knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes the students have acquired throughout the course. Students will study the gothic novel in some depth, analysing how character, language and context create a particular experience for the reader.  They will experiment with techniques that writer/shapers use to invite readers to take up positions as they develop a deep appreciation of how writers reflect their own attitudes, values and position an audience in certain ways. We will expand on this by considering the way that modern texts (both spoken and written) are used to influence the public through the media today. The study will culminate in a consideration of iconic representations within Australia.

English as a Second Language (Senior)

Students who speak another language at home or who are indigenous are eligible to study this Authority subject which provides the same entry requirements for university as Authority English.  This subject offers the same depth and demands of Authority English whilst offering a highly supported pathway. The curriculum has been specifically designed to prepare students for future university study. This involves students working on the language and grammar of academic writing and speaking.  Students have experienced high levels of success with this course with high levels of university entry.  The benefits often extend to other subjects as students’ language skills improve overall.

English Communication

For students who are not on an OP path (heading for university entry), English Communication offers a comprehensive course to prepare students for future work and study at TAFE. The course has dynamic topics and strong support to allow students to continue to develop their language skills.  Students study a wide range of texts, visual, spoken and written and write in real world ways which give them a strong basis for graduating from school.
If you require any further details, please contact:
Fiona Laing - Head of Department (English)
on 3714 2333 or