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Our library is a friendly and informative environment that aims to help and support both our Students and Staff. We have engaged our students in a wonderful wide reading program and have seen an increase in books borrowed and read this year.


Our Library hours are as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 3:30pm

  • Friday: 7:30am - 3pm

  • Online Library help and support - in the FLSHS Student Classroom.

Library Lending Rules and Procedures

A library book (maximum of four) can be borrowed for a 2 week period (Year 7’s have a 2 book limit for first semester). Once this 2 week period has ended a student can either return the library book, or extend their loan for an additional 2 weeks. This extension can be done by logging into an OPAC in the school library, logging into "Oliver" (our library system) on the school network and extending the resource themselves, or by seeing one of our friendly staff.

eBooks Digital Library

Forest Lake SHS is proud to be a part of Queensland State Schools eBooks Digital Library for students and teachers. Encouraging students to read as often as possible, not only to learn but also for enjoyment, is a critical element of improving literacy for all students. Our eBooks Digital Library will use the popular Overdrive platform and provide students with access to hundreds of online books to support their learning and love of reading. Simply download the Overdrive app on your phone or tablet, search for the Education Queensland Library and log in with your MIS ID.

Overdue Books

Due to our excellent lending rates, students sometimes forget to return their books on time. Our overdue process aims to inform both students and parents to keep you in the loop. The process is as follows:

  • An email is sent to student and parent on the day after the book is overdue.

  • A notice is placed in student notices the Monday of the week following.

  • A second email reminder email is sent on the fifth overdue day.

  • On the third week of being overdue the book will be classed as lost, and parents will be sent an invoice.

  • If the book is found and returned to the library, we will credit the invoice.


Note: If your child is certain they have returned the book to the library, please let us know and we will check the shelves for the book to see if it has been returned. If the book is still classed as missing, the invoice will remain. If at any time the book is located within the library or by the student, the amount paid for the book by the parent will be credited back to their school account.

Last reviewed 04 June 2020
Last updated 04 June 2020