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Computers and Personal Electronic Devices

Elearn - Blackboard Online Classroom

Elearn can be accessed from home by visiting students can also install the BlackBoard Mobile app and use the search term "DETE" to find the Department of Education Queensland Learning Place code once the app has been installed. Students use their normal school login username and password. Elearn is no longer accessible through Internet Explorer, however, can be accessed using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.


For information and support, please visit our OneDrive Support Page.


Email can be accessed from any internet enabled device -

Backup your Device & USB Drives 

Please ensure you and your child uses a backup program to ensure data (including assignments, homework and images) are not lost.
  • PC Devices can use a program like Create Syncronicity or any other backup software of your choice that allows for incremental backup (saves time by only backing up new or changed files).
  • Mac Devices can use Time Machine (already installed on all Mac Devices)

Computers and Pers​​ona​l Electronic Devices

Information and Communication Technology is integral to learning. The use of ICTs can accelerate, enable, improve and transform student learning in all key learning areas and phases of education. Through use of ICTs, teachers can engage the digital generation, improve individual learning opportunities, spark innovation and enhance pedagogy.

Access to school devices is dependant on resource fees being up to date at all times.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

Forest Lake State High School has transitioned to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model for computers and other personal electronic devices.
It is recommended that students BYOD in all year levels. A device is compulsory for students in our Lighthouse program, for year 10 technical subjects (Graphics, Media, Information Technology, Business), and all year 11 & 12 students. All other students should BYOD where possible.
Please note that 5.0Ghz wireless capability is a must to connect our school network.
Forest Lake State High School does not support 2.4Ghz wireless devices.
Please also be aware that Windows RT and Chrome OS Devices are not supported at this time, and will not connect to our network. Please see below a document which details the currently supported operating systems.

Recommended Minimum Specifications

Non-technical Subjects

Intel Core i3/Dual Core Processor
Intel HD Graphics 5000
120Gb Hard Drive (note: we recommend a 240Gb or higher Solid State Drives for increased durability and speed)
12" – 14” display
USB 3.0
5.0 GHz Wireless
Virus Protection (laptop won't connect to our network if it fails a virus software check)
Price Range: $470 - $800

Technical Subjects (Lighthouse, Innovate, Graphics, Media, Digital Technology)

Intel Core i5
1Gb Dedicated Graphics
240Gb Hard Drive (note: we recommend Solid State Drives for increased durability and speed)​
14" display - FHD
USB 3.0
5.0 GHz Wireless
Virus Protection (laptop won't connect to our network if it fails a virus software check)
Price Range: $750 - $1200

Senior Technical Subjects (Graphics, Media and Digital Technology Subjects)

Intel Chip i5/i7 - 2.3GHz
2Gb Dedicated Graphics
240Gb SSD
14" display - FHD
USB 3.0
5.0 GHz Wireless​
Virus Protection (laptop won't connect to our network if it fails a virus software check)
Price Range: $1200 - $1600

Apple Mac Devices (MacBook Air & MacBook Pro) – Not recommended as our school is a PC Environment.

These are excellent devices for the Media subject, however please be mindful that some programs will not run in a Mac OS environment. An installation of Bootcamp or VMware Fusion which runs a Windows environment on the computer would be required for some software applications. You will also require windows licensing. If you are choosing Graphics as a subject, we strongly recommend not purchasing a Mac Device.
Software that will not work in a Mac Environment and requires a Windows based system:
  - MinecraftEDU (Year 7 - 9)
  - All Autodesk products: AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, Revit, Tinkercad (8 - 12)
  - Some digital downloads (specific file types) will not be recognised

Microsoft Office (Free to Staff and Students)

Microsoft Student Advantage allows students with BYOD to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 of their BYODs. Click here to download your copy of Microsoft Office. You need to sign into this page with your school email address and password.

Adobe CC

You can arrange to leave your BYO device with the IT Helpdesk for Adobe Creative Cloud to be installed. Please see the IT Helpdesk in the school Resource Centre to arrange this booking. Do not purchase any products as the school already is licensed for your BYOD and we will supply this as a part of your text and resource payment. Remember, to have this product serialised, you must have your school fees up to date.


Click here to download Autodesk Student Edition Direct:​​ install programs required for Graphics and other ITD subjects. Remember you must have a Windows OS for these free software packages to work properly. Talk to your teacher for more information if required.

GMetrix Practice Testing Software

Click here to download GMetrix. Students can undertake Microsoft Office tests (and more) from year 10 to gain QCE points. If your child wants to practice for these tests, then please have them download GMetrix onto any PC with office 2013, and they can practice before they sit the real test. For full details please visit "FLSHS Student Classroom" on eLearn.

Microsoft IT Academy (Certiport Accreditation)

If students wish to undertake Microsoft IT Academy "Certiport" accreditation, parents/guardians will have to return the permission form. All information regarding certiport can be found here:MSITA QDETE Parent Permission Participation Privacy Certiport ver2015-03-20.docxMSITA QDETE Parent Permission Participation Privacy Certiport ver2015-03-20.docx

Help and Support

  • 8:00am - 8:25am Daily
  • 11:00am - 11:30am Daily
  • 12:50pm - 1:20pm Daily
  • 2:30pm - 3:00pm Daily
The school provides a range of technical support to assist students with difficulties*. This is available before school, during lunch breaks and after school in the school Resource Centre. Limited support for BYO devices may be available such as assistance with connection to the school’s wireless facilities.

Video Tutorials and Support (All Queenslanders)

The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) now has free access to for all QLD residents. To access this excellent resources sign in here (or register then sign in).​

As an Adobe School of Creative Excellence, we encourage students to actively learn the Adobe products by using for their learning needs. Self-paced videos and tutorials are available through this site.

BYO Solutions

The following links are supplied for parents to access BYOD information and devices. The school does not endorse any one supplier as this is a parent choice. 
BES (Acer & Apple):

*Access to school devices and support is dependent on resource contributions being up to date at all times.​​​​​​​

Electromagnetic fields factsheet (PDF)

Laptop use (PDF)​​​​

FLSHS Computer Program