OneDrive - cloud storage and backing up


Appropriate Use of OneDrive for Business

Backing up your device​

​We recommend using OneDrive to backup important files and folders on your computer. In the event that your computer breaks, they will be available for you to restore. Your files are also remotely accessible before disaster strikes.

Sharing files

Students can only share files with people who have an email address. This includes staff and students. To share a file, students will need to type the user’s full email address.
With regards to file sharing, students should:
  • only share files with people that they know;
  • edit the sharing permissions to ‘Specific People’, so only people with whom the link is shared can access the file. 
  • check they have entered the email address accurately before sharing; 
  • only open files that have been shared with them by someone they know; and 
  • alert their teacher if they think someone has accidently shared a file with them, or someone has shared files that are not appropriate.

School vs Personal files

Students should only use OneDrive for Business to share school related files.
School related files include those that are created for the purpose of completing a class activity or an assignment.
 Students should ask themselves, ‘would I get in trouble or be embarrassed if my teacher saw this file?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, then it is likely that the file should not be stored in the student’s OneDrive.
Examples of files that would not be appropriate to store in OneDrive, include:
  • your personal journal or diary (excluding one written as part of a class activity or assignment) 
  • your contact list (e.g., yours or your friends’ addresses, emails, phone numbers, photos etc.) 
  • account credentials (e.g., social media user names and passwords) 
  • personal photos and media (e.g., video or sounds files of you, your family and friends). 
  • Games (excluding assignment related projects) 
  • Your personal movie or television collection
Students should check with their teacher/s if they’re not sure whether a file should be stored in OneDrive for Business.

Syncing files

Students that use of OneDrive for Business can affect the school’s internet speed. To avoid negative impacts, students should avoid:
  • uploading large files, or large numbers of files to their OneDrive library during school hours.
  • inserting large images or attachments directly into OneNote Notebooks or Class Notebooks.

Deleted files

All deleted files and folders are archived and a copy can be retrieved at any time. If students need to recover files, they should contact their teacher or other school nominated staff member/s. Staff can then follow the steps outlined in Accessing support to assist.

Enrolment status

When a student’s enrolment status changes (e.g., following move to non-state school, Year 12 graduation), they will no longer be able to access their email or OneDrive library. Advise students to back up any files/emails they wish to keep prior to their enrolment status changing.

Accessing OneDrive and Installing OneDrive for Business

  • Navigate to and sign in with your school username and password.
  • In the top left of the screen, click the tiles (9 small squares).
  • Select OneDrive and read the onscreen instructions (on first use only).
The next step will only work when you are at home or NOT connected to the EQ Network.
  • Once OneDrive loads, with the above steps, simply click the OneDrive Apps link in the bottom left hand of the screen and follow the instructions to install the apps onto your devices.
Last reviewed 21 June 2023
Last updated 21 June 2023