Dance Program of Excellence

Forest Lake State High School prides itself on providing learning pathways which allow students to pursue courses of study which support their academic and physical performance goals. Our commitment to this philosophy involves a Dance Program of Excellence to support the growth of the popularity of dance in the school and wider community.


The aim of the Dance Program of Excellence is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their potential along the elite pathway of dance performance whilst maintaining their performance in academic studies. It provides students with quality instruction and feedback on their development within the school environment and allows access and opportunities to compete in dance competitions across South- East Queensland. The program will allow students the opportunity to develop their dance performance skills;  expose them to industry standard dance experiences and venues; develop discipline in all styles of dance; experience realistic opportunities and realise their potential through the performance skills.

Selection Criteria

Students are selected to participate in the Dance Program of Excellence based on their desire to learn advanced dance skills and showcase performance skills. Applicants for this program need to demonstrate a high standard of dance performance skills and ability and the capacity to work productively in a positive team environment.   

Entry Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the Dance Program of Excellence, students must:
  • attend a formal audition, performing a set piece of choreography to determine their skill level suitability to participate in the desired troupe;
  • demonstrate commitment to lunch time and after school rehearsals and performances and compete in all competitions across the school year.

Conditions of Enrolment

Students participating in the Dance Program of Excellence must:
  • study curriculum dance and take part in the junior or senior dance troupe in one or more styles (choice of musical theatre/jazz, contemporary and hip hop);
  • maintain a strong commitment to troupes and attend all rehearsals outside of school time;
  • maintain a sound achievement (C) or higher in dance; and
  • consistently demonstrate our PRIDE expectations of Prepared, Respectful, Inclusive, Dedicated and Engaged.
The recommended dance curriculum pathway is:-
Year 7 Dance →Year 8 Streamed class →Year 9 & 10 Advanced Dance →Year 11 & 12 Dance/ Dance in Practice

External Partnerships

Through community partnerships, students in the Dance Program of Excellence will receive external specialised training with:
  • HOOD Academy, where students will have access to the House of Champions competition and the expertise of a professional choreographer, who will attend regular sessions to mentor groups, provide feedback before competitions and offer new initiatives in the hip hop dance field;
  • RAW Dance Company will offer students opportunities to study certificate courses both during schooling and post-schooling in a range of styles and will also include regular visits from accomplished, professional choreographers, dancers and directors.

For further information please contact Mr Sean Lubbers, Head of Department, The Arts at or phone 3714 2333.

Last reviewed 26 February 2021
Last updated 26 February 2021