Business and Accounting


​​​YEA​​R 10

Busines​​s Education

Business practice underpins studies within this subject area. Business practice involves the use of management, entrepreneurial creativity, communication, technology practice and technologies.  It promotes students’ knowing, thinking, investigating, creating, communicating, participating and reflecting.  Students use one or more of t​he elements of business practice to respond to real life situations.  The knowledge, practices and dispositions of business contexts are transferable to other life contexts. In Year 10, students have the opportunity to gain a vocational qualification (Certificate I in Business).

YEAR​ 11 & 12

Accounting – General​​​ Senior Subject

Accounting provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the essential role of organising, analysing and communicating financial data and information in the successful performance of any organisation.  Students learn fundamental accounting concepts in order to understand accrual accounting and managerial and accounting controls, preparing internal financial reports, ratio analysis and interpretation of internal and external financial reports. They synthesise financial data and other information, evaluate accounting practices, solve authentic accounting problems, make decisions and communicate recommendations.  Students develop numerical, literacy, technical, financial, critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills. They develop an understanding of the ethical attitudes and values required to participate effectively and responsibly in a changing business environment.

Business – General Senior​​ Subject

Through studying Business, students are challenged academically and exposed to authentic and real-life practices. The knowledge and skills developed in Business will allow students to contribute meaningfully to society, the workforce and the marketplace and prepare them as potential employees, employers, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs of the future. Students investigate the business life cycle from the seed to post-maturity stage; develop skills in examining business data and information.  Furthermore, students will learn business concepts, theories, processes and strategies relevant to leadership, management and entrepreneurship.

Certificate II in​ Business (VET)

Certificate II in Business aims to meet the needs of students by offering a range of business competencies.  It is recommended for students who want to pursue a vocational pathway.  Some keyboarding proficiency and computing knowledge is recommended but not essential.

Diploma of Bu​​​siness (VET)

Students can study the Diploma of Business whilst at school as a subject and it is delivered in partnershi​p with College Australia.

Business Servi​ces Training Certificate II  |  Certificate II in Workplace Skills (VET)

The Business Services Training Certificate II and the Certificate Workplace Skills are recommended for stud​ents interested in developing business skill and pursing a vocational pathway.  Some keyboard proficiency and computing knowledge is recommended by not essential.
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